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fredag den 10. november 2017

‘The Lioness’ Daughter’

‘The Lioness’ Daughter’

Josefine Ottesen is a true champion of the fantasy genre and the adventurous, magical universe that creates inner images on the young readers minds. For the last 30 years she has written numerous books, many of which are award-winning. Who does not know the ‘Dragon Lord’ and the ‘Warriorprincess’? Who has not felt the cold chill among mutants and droids in the “Hidden Key”? Or did you attend ‘Prince Teseus' meeting with the world of the dead, Medea's witchcraft and a dramatic battle with the Minotaurus?

Josefine's books lure with strong heroes, cool women, elves, dragons, magic, the eternal struggle between good and evil, as well as lots and lots of action. The stories take place in a familiar universe, for both boys and girls, told in a way that puts the imagination in motion - accompanied by the amazing illustrations. ‘The Lioness’ Daughter’ book 1-6, illustrated by Christian Højgaard, is easy reading and fantasy at its best, and the series is based on the ancient myths about the Amazons.

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